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Address: 11, MARQUES DE ARGENTERA, Spain, Barcelona, 08003
Rates from: 87 EUR - 204,37 EUR
Brand name: HOTUSA

This long-established hotel opposite Estaci de Francia is close to Passeig del Born, one of the city's most lively nightlife zones. It has been meticulously refurbished to offer a tranquil atmosphere enhanced by the decor: warm shades of pastel yellow in all the bedrooms, for example. The bar-restaurant is a kitsch gem of neo-art deco style featuring startling wall-mosaics. The service is cordial and friendly.The sleekly appointed rooms and modernized comforts of this modest but efficient hotel are looking better all the time. 87 rooms.

Hotel PARK HOTEL, Barcelona, Spain
2 photo hotel PARK HOTEL, Barcelona, Spain
3 photo hotel PARK HOTEL, Barcelona, Spain
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